Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 2 (Florence) Part I

By 8.30 pm last night,we were all asleep. Hubby and I woke up around 2am and Reese got up around 3am.

At 8 am we went out for a lovely breakfast at a corner shop. We had cappuccino and juice, pastries and mini sandwiches. Next we went to see the Duomo and we climbed it. Over 460 steps! Reese had no problem at all, the view at the top was magnificent.

After the climb we went back to the B&B to wash up and rest. The B&B replenished our fruits and snacks! Plus a surprise for us! In the fridge was 3 wonderful desserts! Tiramisu, some chocolate coated pastries and pudding.

Next was lunch at a famous trattoria, while waiting for a table, Reese felt asleep again! I had to sit behind and support him. The place was extremely crowed and I was back to back with a Brit.

It's raining here and very cold but Reese seems to like the weather and don't mind the cold at all.

It was expected to rain and snow at noon time but we only see rain. Still hoping to see snow.

Now we are forcing Reese to nap before going out again. Stay tuned for the second part!


Linda said...

Your b&b looks good.... Would you let us know which b&b you are staying... And the name of the eateries that you went... You wouldn't mind to share? Please...

Waiting for your next day journey....

A gift from God said...

Linda, will give you the details once i get home. I will write a post on the places we eat at and the B&Bs . For now I can,t post all the lovely pictures except the ones taken from our Ipads. I am blogging using the blogger app and it is so limited. :)