Friday, February 03, 2012

Great Games and Mind Stimulating Activities

Went to Think Toys and got these Power Polygons for half price (less than RM60). There are 15 shpaes of various sizes and over 400 pieces made of clear coloured plastic. Fun to explore and make interesting pictures. Great for math as well.
Power Polygons that comes with 15 shapes and over 400 pieces
Did this on an A3 paper. Next time we will use mahjong paper! There are enough pieces to create a big picture.

Also got this math card game for less than RM20 from Think Toys. Reese doesn't like math so with this simple card game, it helps.

Builts speed in mental math (addition and subtraction)
We bought a few educational board games for half price and they are really worth it. These games are made of good quality materials. We have tried 2 so far and love them. I highly recommend The Alpha-Bug-Soup.
Alpha-Bug-Soup: Great game with adjustable levels. Great for reinforcing letter sounds and spelling. We like this game very much.
Riddle Maze: Quite a good game but the riddles are too easy for Reese even though it  was meant for kids age 6+
Camelot: Thinking skill game. It was not too bad. Initial stages very easy.  In one sitting Reese almost completed half of the 49 challenges. 
WiseMag: Reese was very much into this for a while building 3D pyramids.  Wish we have more to create interesting models but they are expensive.
Playing board games teaches Reese to be patient and learn to obey rules. He also learns to be competitive. It is hilarious when he see him complaining about losing or trying to find excuses to win! I am glad we bought these games. We also have great bonding time as a family where mummy, daddy and Reese play together and have a good time laughing. I have Monopoly, Game of Life, Scrabble and etc on the Ipad but nothing beats the good old board games. 


Baby Darren said...

Darren loves the WiseMag too. He has played it at my friend's house and love it but I found it very expensive. How much did you buy yours for?

A gift from God said...

Baby Darren,

I got the set for about Rm200 plus... that is after 10% if you have membership card for Jigsaw World.