Sunday, June 16, 2013

It was a good exhibition....

It was indeed a wonderful experience doing this exhibition for all of us. We saw our dear son's taking pride of his work and being the perfect host interacting with strangers. We were glad that many people were inspired by his work and we also saw some bad sides of some very ignorant Malaysian parents.

Badly scribbled guestbook:

Throughout the exhibition, we had 4 guestbooks, 3 badly scribbled on and 1 went missing

Reese was so upset the first time he saw the scribbled guest book and after he calmed down, he wrote the 'rules' for signing his guestbook. :)

This was cute, someone wrote 'May I marry you?' and Reese wrote 'Yes miss, I will marry you'

We have certainly come a long way and met wonderful people who helped make this exhibition a reality

Reese tried his hand on Lego's 'Build Your World' competition but too bad, was not selected. He built some eco towers.

After the completion of the exhibition, he had a good time destroying all his 5 Lego creation

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