Friday, November 07, 2008

Stages in toddlerhood

Two days ago, sometime in the evening, Reese was throwing tantrum and demanding for pencils and I was in the room teaching some children.

It was a little out of control so I had to step in and raised my voice and scolded him. I think he knew when I was angry and will look at me and stop his whining but the moment I went back into the classroom.... he started again! So second round of scolding and he stopped.

His mood was really bad so had to ask the maid to blow bubbles for him to play to quieten him. After class the kids played with him and one of the mummies was chatting with me. I complaint about Reese going through the terrible two phase and she laughed and said.... wait till you experience NASTY FOUR.

Nasty four? Didn't know there is another stage in toddlerhood! I wonder how bad it is going to be!! Anyone one experiencing nasty four stage????


Ling That's Me said...

i think it's talking back at you..something like that (my girl is like that)

there's alot of stages when they are growing up. hehe.

Mumsgather said...

I didn't experience the terrible twos but when my girl was 5, it was a bit more challenging. Now she is going on to 7 and she has passed that stage. My boy is now going to 5 and he's beggining to be more challenging. Its the sweet twos and challenging fives for me. Hahaha.

Moomykin said...

Kids are constantly challenging their boundaries.

These days, with my boys, it's really getting them to talk properly and not yelling out demands or whining for things.

When is it ever easy? Only thing is to enjoy as much of the good times a s we can.

Ann said...

I think they never stop trying us as soon as they reach an age of awareness.

It would be a constant disciplining phase till they have kids of their own! :)

(trying to NOT think of phases of 2 or 4 or 6 or 7!!! hahaha....)

Baby Darren said...

terrible two, horrible three and nasty four...hahaha......every stage is different...dare not think about it. Guess Reese is not that bad after all.

A gift from God said...

Dear mummies,

I guess it's always something challenging huh? I can say...nothing is more challenging than when they reach their teens.... So I guess we must just be thankful for whatever we are facing right now...hehe...

Lucky you mumsgather... no terrible twos...

Soo Li....there is such a thing as horrible 3 ah? hehe..