Friday, November 28, 2008

Reese's favourite toy

This is the only toy I bought that can really capture his attention. The day I bought it back.. he played with it for 1.5 hours! then later in the night he took it to the room and played some more and ever since then it became his favourite. He can play with it for a long time..... :)

John Deere Farm house set

You can 'grow' corn and have the tractor run over it!

Reese loves to open and close the doors

Why are you taking my picture?

Full concentration

Reese loves to put his whole head inside

My favourite toy!

Reese also likes to play with mummy's new phone


Moomykin said...

Waaah! So nice!!

Happy is this boy!

Ann said...

COOL farmhouse!

Does he make all the animal sounds that come with all the movement of the animals too?

Leona said...

Yeah... I am sure Mummy is very happy that a toy purchased is money well spent..if it can entertain the little one for 1.5hrs!!! It is a very attractive toy...definitely capture is attention with those little figurines.

Baby Darren said...

wow...reese really enjoyed playing with his toy. Darren never able to play anything for more than 30mins.

I wonder darren will like this too...

A gift from God said...

Reese is always a happy boy...

Yes, the animals will make realistic sound when put on a certain area of the farm house.

Oh yeah, I was soooo happy that he like it so much... :)

If Darren loves to open and close windows or doors, then for sure he will like this farm house set!

If any of you mummies are interested, you can get this at Choo Choo Train at The Gardens Mid Valley. It is RM50 (promotion) limitted units only. Very good material..not the cheap plastic.