Thursday, September 26, 2013

Natural Learner....

Many asked how do you gauge his learning?? Do you sit for exams?

Every child is different. What works for Reese may not work for others. Reese is a natural learner and his brain is wired a little differently from us. Seriously! He has superb memory so it helps a lot. There are no exams and really, if you are homeschooling your child, you do not need to have it. For me, by  looking at the stuff Reese draws and writes is enough to gauge his learning progress. For example, we are currently doing an overview of world history. We read together, discuss issues and watch some videos on Youtube and Brainpop about the subject. No worksheets. Throughout this period of time, Reese will sing about a certain Kings, role play, write stuff about historical figures.... and at times, I will randomly ask him questions spontaneously.... This is our 'exam'. :)

All hail to King Reese XXXIII!! King Reese XXXIII died at the age of 160 and left some very wise words for his people......

Wise words....

I have not started LA (English) with Reese and yet he writes and spells well. Reading a lot helps folks! So read read read to or with your child. In fact, I don't think I want to do any formal English with Reese until he is much older. Do not want to stifle his natural flair for the language. 

He wrote to Nasa and we have yet to get a reply from them

Great writing for a almost 7 year old..... "Yesterday Calis Tower collapsed in a storm. Metal fatigue caused it. 1200 perished in Calis Tower. Survivors interviewed. Another 700 died outside. As for Calis Tower, funds have been raised for a new tower and it was built. Calis Tower 2 was an instant hit. It was even a hotel! As for the old Calis Tower, the rubble was put on display in a museum."

Very often I know my boy is learning a lot just by looking at his drawings. When he draws, he will tell you what or why he is drawing it......  :)

Drawing also allows him to express himself and very often he uses drawing to present ideas and concept to us. 

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