Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Homeschoolers Sports Day 2013

This is our second year participating in MHSN sports day. It was really fun. The number of participating families more than doubled this year and the organisers did a great job. Lots of kids manned stalls selling anything from food to arts and crafts. Seeing many grandparents came to help out at the event was fantastic. It only means the older generation of Malaysians are accepting homeschooling as an alternative in educating children. It may not be very professional as compared to a school's sports day but we are getting there. The kids had lots of fun. The organisers are now thinking of a proper track and field event next year.... who say you need a school to experience such sports? We the homeschoolers are getting there... 

Kids manning their stall
Trying his luck with the shooting game

Riddle game? Can't answer a single one! Haha..

Games even for the little ones

Warm up before the start of the races...

Even grandparents did their part in helping out... 


Goofing around

Reese in action

Almost there....

Yummy potato wedges and hotdog buns... 

Enjoying his hotdog bun made by kids!

The Blacksmith stall! Reese bought a dragon maze and a sword. All hand made by some very talented homeschoolers. 


Waiting for the medals...

There... my boy got a bronze medal for a team event.

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