Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MNS Nature Walk with Dr. Ille Gebeshuber

Recently we had a chance to join Dr. Ille Gebeshuber on a short walk around the zoo while she shared her knowledge with us on how we can learn from nature and apply it to technology (Biomimetics). She is a physicist from Austria and currently a full professor at UKM.  She did a talk on TEDxKL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8wcfY129eQ 

It was eye opening because it is something new to us. She is very good with children. Reese was really enjoying himself talking to her. They talked about animals, plants and later chemistry. As Reese chatted with Dr. Ille, hubby and I walked behind them quietly listening to what they were talking about... I heard Reese discussed the chemical elements with her like potassium, seaborgium, ununoctium and some other man made elements... he was arguing about which was more reactive and what which decays.... and she patiently explained stuff that I don't quite understand... listening to them gave me goosebumps because I realised I can never have a conversation like that with him because no matter how hard I try.... I am not equip to do so. Reese needs to meet more people like Dr. Ille. People who can impart knowledge that is beyond me.

Dr. Ille giving us a simple introduction to biomimetics

Dr. Ille explaining stuff to Reese and the other kids 

Truly an inspiring lady

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