Saturday, July 28, 2007

Walking and Teething

Reese took his first few steps unassisted 2 days ago. He is getting more confident in his walking. We are so proud of him. Last night he had a fall from our bed; hit his head and cried for a long time. Poor Adrian was so upset about it. He couldn't catch him in time. Daddy very "sim tiah"/"sam tong". Hehehe..... as for me... I don't feel as bad as the first few times he fell. I guess it's all part of growing up. You just have to hurt yourself a few times along the way.....

Oh... yesterday my mom alerted me that Reese was teething... I felt his bottom gum and true enough I can feel something sharp. Later I managed to take a peek inside his mouth and saw two teeth coming out!!

My little darling is growing up so fast. Can already see a little of his character emerging! Gosh... what's next...

1 comment:

Ann said... really grow up pretty fast! Enjoy every moment.

Hope his teeting is not causing him or you or hubby any lost sleep!