Friday, December 10, 2010

Kids Get Bored When Stuck at Home BUT Not Reese...

Most kids get bored after a few days stuck at home but not Reese. His wonderful paternal grandparents have come to visit for two weeks. Reese was thrilled and is having a lot of fun and quality time with them. Sadly, they will be going home this Saturday. Reese will really miss them and likewise.

Everyday the moment he opens his eyes, he will head straight to his grandparents room. He will play with them, grandma brought along a Christmas Carol booklet to sing with Reese. Grandma, grandpa and Reese will sing a few carols *It's really a sight to behold*

They will play with him, read with/to him the many fascinating books and bible stories, did some craft (Grandma took some lessons from a friend to make origami objects so that she can do it with Reese!), take him to the playground and patiently watch him play with other kids and make sure he is well fed! They only get to rest for 1 to 2 hours while Reese naps or when we get home from work!

TV time is almost non existence. I am glad Reese hardly ask for TV. In fact, we are the ones that offer TV to him. :)

Hubby and I also managed to watch 2 movies and went out for supper in town. :)


MommyAngel said...

Oh .... so sweet! Nowadays grandparents hardly read to kids let alone do some crafts too :) He is so blessed to have such great grandparents and sure he will missed them so much.

Blessed mum said...

great bonding time!

Merry Christmas to you and all at home!

A gift from God said...


He is blessed!

Blessed mum,
Merry Christmas to you!