Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writing Fully in Cursive...

My boy is finally writing fully in cursive. He writes with confidence and it is getting nicer. Yippie! Another milestone for Reese.

Quite nice eh?

Reese is doing creative writing and narration 2 times a week. The copy work (2 sentences) from each lesson is used as part of his penmanship practice. So each week he is required to write 4 sentences (2 short and 2 long). Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. :)

Tips: Don't use the blue and red line exercise books! They are confusing. Use lines like the above. Just 3 lines (2 solid lines for the top and bottom and 1 dotted line in the middle). It is easier for children to write. I felt that children should learn the correct strokes and form of each alphabet without having to worry about whether each letter is written perfectly. Children gets demotivated and frustrated when their written letters are constantly erased. Those who can write beautifully are slow in speed. It takes them forever to write a short sentence! To me, as long as the child can form letters correctly, with reasonable speed and  is legible then it's good enough.

Do you find that children these days do not write in cursive anymore? I was taught cursive when I was in Standard 4 but it was only briefly. I write with a combination of print and cursive. It is a fact that you write faster with cursive.

Interesting article on cursive writing:

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