Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things that interest Reese this month...

Reese can write in cursive comfortably now. In fact he has finished learning all 26 lower case letters. Now he is working on the upper case letters. Very soon he will be writing fully in cursive! Every opportunity he has, he will write in cursive. 

He is learning about the human body on his own. Found one of his next year's science books interesting and he has been reading it a lot. He tells me about esophagus, lungs, blood cells, tells me about disease germs and many others interesting facts. 

He is also into waterworks. How water is processed before it flows through pipes to our homes. 

He is riding his bicycle! Getting better at paddling! 

He is having fun at gym class. Learning some techniques and happily showing them to me. 

Playing with his microscope. Happily collecting leaves and stuff to view under the microscope. He knows how to prepare simple slides for view. 

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