Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Google Earth is a fun learning tool!

We have heard how children use Google Search to find Youtube videos, games and websites. My son also does that but now he is into Google Earth. He expertly search for his favourite places around the world. He just showed me the Vatican City! Technology... it's just amazing. It sure makes a difference when it comes to learning geography. Children not only get to visually see these amazing places but also get to view them in 360 degrees(Ipad apps). Children these days are so fortunate though it is still not too late for us older ones to experience all these technological marvels. 

If you have fast internet connection, explore Google Earth with your children. It is fun and interesting. We were fascinated when it detected our current location and zoom right to our building! 

This is free geography lesson for your kids! You can learn about mapping, zonings, types of housing and many more.  :)

In my opinion, those who chose not to expose their children to computer and technology before 6 years of age is truely missing out. We live in a technological age and there is no way to escape it. Start early but have a balance. You can go wrong!


CL said...

my girl loves google earth too. Since we travel a lot, she likes to see those places that we had been to ...

So happy that you left a comment in my blog... I am hooked on your blog. Homeschooling sounds daunting to me. I don't have patience and tend to scream and shout ... ;)

A gift from God said...