Saturday, October 01, 2011

Milestones at 5 Years Old

My baby is 5 years old! 5 wonderful adventurous years with this little being. It's been awhile since I updated his milestones. When he was very much younger, milestones were updated monthly but this mummy has grown lazy. :) Let's see what my boy has achieved so far.

  1. Size - He is very tall for his age and weighs a staggering 25 kgs plus. 
  2. Food - One word to describe him. He is a foodie! He eats Western, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish... and even Indian food! Food is his motivation. 
  3. Personality - A very friendly boy. Everyone is his friend. He likes role playing with his friends. He is very cheeky and super playful. 
  4. Emotional - Still a little immature for his age but he is getting better. He still lacks empathy but again it is improving. He is the type that will listen if you reason well with him. 
  5. Physical - Ah, not an adventurous boy. Afraid to explore heights if it requires him to climb! He is not agile at all. Hopefully by going to gymnastic class, it will help him. :) We got him a bicycle and  a scooter (from his grandaunt) and intend to get him to learn to cycle and scoot around! Yeah... he can't cycle yet. Our fault but he can skate! hehehe...
  6. He is already off diapers completely and  no longer drinks formula milk. 
  7. Education - Confirmed gifted by a developmental pediatrician. In general he is about 2 to 3 years ahead of his peers in academics. Science is one of his favorite subjects and he doesn't like math because he doesn't like doing addition and subtraction but he likes word problems. 
  8. Reading - He loves reading books. He has started to read his first chapter book (The Story of Dr. Dolittle) and also comics (Tintin). He still prefers books with illustration. He can read newspaper too.
  9. Drawing - He loves to draw. Started drawing at 3 years 9 months old. He draws to tell stories. Everything that he draws are from memory and most drawings took less than 15 minutes to complete. His drawings are always filled with incredible details. Some told us even a 9 year old can't draw like him. 
  10. Play - He loves role play with his friends. Now that I got him some playmates, he will always look forward to playing with them. His favorite toy is still wooden blocks. He likes to build structures and then have them destroyed by some kind of disaster. 
  11. Field trips - He loves it. :)
  12. My boy doesn't watch TV much. We turn on the TV every Saturday morning and hope he will watch some cartoons but after a while he will turn it off by himself! At times he will ask for TV to watch his favorite cartoon and sometimes we will all sit together to watch some amazing documentaries. On average, he watches TV once or twice or sometimes none at all in a week.
My dear son is really a wonderful child. He is always happy and hyper active. He is a child that can be controlled easily. As he grows older, it becomes even easier. Reasoning works well with him. We hope in the years to come he will continue to be good, healthy and happy! :) 

A surprise 5th birthday party at McDonalds for Reese and his schoolmates

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CL said...

happy belated birthday to Reese...

you are forcing your boy to watch TV?? Gifted child doesn't need TV. I am trying to limit my children TV time.