Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reese's First Chapter Book

Reese loves books with illustrations. He is not a fan of chapter books. His reading level has improved tremendously. He is reading at Grade 4 level (for 9 years old). He is a fast reader. Whenever we give him something to read out loud, before he reads to you, he will read in his heart the contents in that page in a blink of an eye. He tends to skip pages usually to pages with interesting illustrations first. If he really likes a book, he will read it over and  over again. 

We have a booklist of readers to read for this year and Reese has come to the last book. It is a chapter book with minimal illustrations. When I showed him the book he was not interested. He asked me to read to him instead. So to get him interested, I read some paragraphs and he did the rest. Only manage 1 chapter a day. As the story develops, he is slowly taking an interest in it. We are reading 'The Sword in the Tree'. 


there is one chapter book that he likes and is reading it all by himself! It is 'The Story of Dr. Dolittle'. It is one of the read aloud books that I am doing with him. The story is quite interesting with strange creatures and adventures of a human doctor who can speak animal languages, going about saving monkeys and sailing to strange places in Africa... no wonder my son is reading the book even though it has minimal illustration! It's really wonderful seeing him flipping page after page looking for his favorite parts in the book.  

The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting is highly recommended The story contains suspense and adventure but there is little explicit violence. Great book to spur a child's imagination! 

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