Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gymnastic YES!

YES! Finally there is something that Reese seems to enjoy and most importantly he listens/follows (80% of the time) instruction. He did not disrupt the class of 6 kids (including him). :)

Yesterday took him to Flykidz for a trial lesson and he loves it. Teachers were nice but strict at the same time. In fact they told off kids with stern voices when they misbehave but also praises the kids when they do well. It was really a good balance. Reese actually listened. 

The lesson is for an hour. 1 couch to 6 children max. It's quite a big place and each week children were trained to do different things with different routine. They have 3-4 stations. Each station has a 'magic' carpet where children are required to sit down and learn a particular routine/activity (Children are taught basic gymnastic movements). Then they will take turns to do it. Being Reese, he was not able to sit still and every time he tried to get up or move around too much he will be warn sternly. Thank God he listened and wait for his turn. 

Before they begin the lesson, they will do warm up with the kids and it was really fun watching little kids shaking their butts and moving they bodies! It was hilarious. Towards the end of the lesson, the children got to play a game or two and are allowed to make as much noise as they want and run around. My dear son truly enjoys his experience there. 

I am so glad to have found something that will help him to learn discipline and also socialize. Next on the to do list is perhaps to let him learn Chinese. This is an area I can't help him. 

** In case you wonder how much are the lessons, it is RM500 per term ( 3 months, once a week). So it's about RM41.70 per lesson. It's not cheap but the place is well equipped and teachers are dedicated. They have a centre in Solaris, Mont Kiara and Sunway Giza, Dataran Sunway. 


Baby darren said...

Yeah..darren enjoys his gymnastic lessons too. Guess our boys belongs to the active group. Darren started about 1.5 months and he looks forward to each lesson. I sent mine to bb gymnastic in sunway. I checked flykids before. Too far for me and expensive too. Glad that reese loves it.

A gift from God said...

Baby Darren,

I have not heard of bb gymnastic. Is it similar to Flykidz? I also find flykidz expensive, how much is bb gymnastic?

Linda said...

Finally something that make everybody happy....
Wish there is something like that here too.....

Melinda Loh said...

Florence, Samuel dislike it when I sent him Flykids, Sunway Giza couple months back. He will distance himself and cry out if I put him in the circle group. I paid the individual payment as I want him to try it out but decided to hold on and perhaps wait till longer time when he can enjoy and follow instructions from teachers.

A gift from God said...


I am sure there must be some Gym classes in Penang. Look harder? :)

I am also paying for each individual class rather than a whole term. Will continue to do so until we are sure Reese can settle in well. :)