Monday, September 05, 2011

National Science Centre Positive Change!

If you have read some posts back on our visit to the National Science Centre, you will find that I said it was in a sorry state. Today I was so surprise to see that the place is better equipped and added some new playground/activities for children. Now I highly recommend that you bring your children there! Adult ticket is RM3 and children under 6 is free. We spent 3 hours there today. The place has been refurbished with some new exhibits and new play area for children. There is the Foam Factory where children can play with foam balls, some vacuum like machine and air guns for shooting foam balls (1U has a similar foam ball playground which you have to pay RM30?) Then it has a nice playground with a very tall tunnel for sliding. Lot's of fun. It even has a big bouncy area for kids to bounce around. Oh.... it even has a huge hamster wheel for kids to run on. We didn't get to try that because it was not open yet.

The foam factory. In the middle there is a fountain that shoots out foam balls

Bounce away!

We visited the nature park of some sort. Can't remember the name. We saw butterflies, different types of plants and creepy crawlies. It was a nice place. They have a lab in there where two young men show us around the place and explain the metamorphosis cycle, showing us bugs and caterpillars at various stages and cocoons too! They even have microscopes for kids to view slides of plants. Very interesting. 

 Holding a caterpillar

Stick Insect

Cocoons in various stages. We were lucky to see a newly 'hatched' butterfly

First time looking through a microscope

Then there were some really cool gadgets and experiments for kids to enjoy. By the way, we had almost the entire science centre to ourselves because it's a Monday and we were there at 9.30am. We get to do anything we want with no queues. We have yet to visit the outdoor playground which we saw water play as well. We will definitely go back now that it is full of fun things to do.

One of Reese's favorite activity. Moving balls to different place using different mechanism

Two gigantic moving dinosaurs at the centre court 

Having fun with the walking piano

Another fun activity. You have to paddle to move the 'plane'

Operating a crane to hook up a wire ball

An imprint of Reese's body

Resource centre for some reading

Currently there is an exhibition on Dinosaurs going on. Ticket price is RM8 for adult and children RM6 (roughly). We didn't bother to go because I don't think it's worth it. Hehehe...


Linda said...

good bargain....
The temporary dinosaur exhibition that i've been to last time was a turned down.... you are so smart not to fall into the trap.... haha

Jane Kuan said...

I also believe that every child is a precious gift from God.

Blog walking to say hello to a lovely blog.

Welcome to visit my home.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to let ou know how much I enjoyed reading your blog. Stumbled upon it last few days and can't stop thinking about it. I just have to finish reading everything you wrote. I have a 4 year old daughter diagnosed with ASD. But I refused to believe the 'professionals' who did not believe in her ability to improve. Your blog just encouraged me to go on... Good work!

A gift from God said...

I been to one of Dino exhibition at Petronas Science centre and it was a waste of money! So... this time not going to fall into the trap... hehehe.

Thank you for visiting, your two lovely girls are indeed precious gift from God... :)

Wow... you make my day! :) Soldier on and go with your instinct and only seek professional help when necessary. These days labels are used on kids loosely. You know your chid best and going for an hour or two assessment by a professional is not enough to really diagnose a child. Do a lot of research on the net. There are lots of information on ASD.

What is important is to watch your child closely and teach her skills with love. If you do see signs that is not normal and there is a reason to be concern, PLEASE... seek professional help and not be in denial. Sometimes we are in denial without knowing it.

So form of ASD does your child have? Feel free to email me and be a friend! I love making new mummy friends and share experiences! You can write to me at

fojill76 AT gmail DOT com