Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Work and Play

Some fun moments I would like Reese to remember. One moment he was playing soldier and another he was doing math. How I wish I had a chance to learn like him. 

 Soldier Reese took a break from fighting and sat down to work on a Math worksheet

Mom, check out my helmet!

After a lesson, both Reese and his new playmate decided to play restaurant

Check out the feast they prepared. A saw is handy in their kitchen :)

I cannot imagine what it would be like for Reese to go schooling in a regular school with rigid rules and lot's of discipline. I think he will have nightmare going to school! I really hope God will provide me with whatever I need to guide my son in his education journey all the way through high school. Thinking of it makes me shiver with a little uncertainty and fear. 

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Linda said...

Believe in yourself..... :)