Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day Trip to Melaka

It was a cloudy Sunday morning, just had our breakfast at Petaling Street and I was talking to husband about the food here made me think of food I had some 20 years ago. Then some how Melaka came into our conversation and the next thing we knew, we were on our way to Melaka braving the heavy rain and miraculously once we reached Melaka town centre, the rain stopped (Well, Reese prayed for the rain to stop!). We took Reese to try chicken rice balls which was terrible. Just do not understand why it is so famous! Then we went to see the sights, walk along Jonker street, had the umbrella shaped red bean with coconut ice cream, found some childhood toys, tasted some really good ice white coffee and cendol with very rich gula Melaka. Next, went to look for the famous crepe cake. It was packed but the cakes were really good. Layers after layers of crepe with cream. 

Next we went to another part of town and took a ride up the Gyro Tower (RM10 for adult and RM5 for kid). Saw the entire skyline of Melaka town. Next, Reese went on a car and motorbike ride and had so much fun. About 6pm we went out of Melaka town to look for one of the famous Malay seafood place and ended up eating at the wrong shop but it was still good and super cheap! We had a big stingray, big prawns and squids. It was only RM50. 

We really enjoy this impromptu trip blessed with cool weather. Will go back again soon.

Reese was one happy boy exploring Melaka

Mummy/Daddy and son photos

 White coffee served in a vase like glass filled with solid ice and it was really strong. They are also famous for cendol with durian topping

Can't wait to dig into the yummy cake. Reese had 1 whole slice to himself!

See the layers of crepe?

Gyro Tower

On his ride. He was big and thus the car moves rather slowly

Some of the yummy seafood we had for dinner


BabyBooned said...

looks like so much fun! should "plan" an impromptu trip like this after my confinement la ;D hey by the way, that crepe cake looks like the ones they have at food foundry. have u tried them there? dunno if they taste as good though..

A gift from God said...


You should definitely make a day trip there...
As for food foundry, never been and hubby just told me it's not very nice. The food I mean, not sure about the crepe! :) If you are going to Melaka... let me know and I will give you the address to the crepe shop (very near mahkota parade) and the seafood place. :) It's near some muara and quite easy to get there! When will your confinement end? Put up more photos of your bblah! :)
Can I cubik your precious when we meet? hehehe...