Sunday, September 11, 2011


God is good. I have been scratching my head as to how I can find playmates for Reese to help him socialize better as time is always a luxury we do not have. 

A student of mine is now homeschooling with me for 4 months. So she comes twice a week and she is a year older than Reese. Last Wednesday was her first lesson in my home and it went really well. Both kids played well together. 

After the girl's lesson, she got to play with Reese for a good half hour. They turn the play room into their 'home'. They went marketing on their little bikes, cook and eat together in their 'home'. Then they turn their 'home' into a shopping mall! Again, ride their bikes in and out of their 'shop' shopping for things to be displayed in their shop. Observing, my boy is no different from a typical kid. Role play with his new friend with logic and creativity. At times he led in the play and vice versa. It's a good balance. They hold meaningful conversation and were truly happy playing with each other. My son is normal. He is capable to socialize with others provided they are at his level. He is already missing his new friend. The coming months, he will get to play and learn with my student. I am so happy. Planning to bring them for field trips together too. Ah, what fun it is going to be.

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