Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Microscopic World...

Reese was introduced to the microscopic world when he first read Greg's Microscope by Millicent E.Selsam a few months back. A lovely level 3 reader under the series An I Can Read Book. 

Reese enjoys reading this book

Toy Microscope - MicroPro by Educational Insights
For Reese's birthday, we bought him microscope (MicroPro-Educational Insights). It is pretty impressive. It came with some prepared slides for viewing and other tools for making your own slides. Reese was really happy. We had been looking at salt, sugar, saliva, sand, thread... all in 1 day. It's easy to use and it came with a light source that makes viewing easier. It allows magnification of up to 600x. Quite well built and friendly for kids. The microscope can easily be tilted to a child's viewing level. Adult supervision is necessary for a young child because you need to do adjustment to get a clear view of the slides. Very easy to use and so far, we are all enjoying it. There are so many things to look at. We have yet to go collect pond water, perhaps look at bacteria from yogurt! I am also getting The World of the Microscope (Usborne Science and Experiments). Read wonderful reviews about it. It will compliment our microscope really well. Can't wait to do more experiments!

Highly recommended for learning about microscope and its uses for children
Quite a child friendly microscope. It came with prepared slides and other tools for easy sample collection and slide making

I paid RM119 for it. I bought it from Think Toys at The Curve. It is truly an educational toy and hours of fun guaranteed. There are a few other brands of microscope available among the toyshops here. Some are more expensive and some cheaper. I did a research and MicroPro by Educational Insights seems to have the best reviews. I must say I am not disappointed. 

My dear son enjoying himself. Totally fascinated by the things he sees through the microscope.


Melinda Loh said...

Your writes up are getting more and more interesting. Actually, I shared your blog (sorry, should have asked you first right?) to my friends about this Mircoscopic World. Also kinda to encourage more parents to adopt continues learning with our kid/s.
Please keep writing and I am already buy into your idea to get one for sure for Samuel.
Hugs to Reese.

A gift from God said...

Thank you Melinda....

CL said...

great gadget!! I am getting one for my girl too... thanks again for sharing this ... eh.. is it very heavy??