Sunday, October 30, 2011


When we saw the developmental pediatrician a few months back, she said to introduce board games or games with rules to Reese. Today we went to Toys R Us and bought 2 games. Snakes and Ladders board game and Tumbling blocks. It took me quite a while to browse through the games section. 

When we got home, we played tumbling blocks. It was an instant hit. We all had a great time playing it. Great family bonding time. Our little family was laughing and cheering each other on. The loser had to do a loser dance which Reese demonstrated to us. Shaking our butts like mad! :) Reese truly enjoyed the game. 

Next up was Snakes and Ladders. This one was a little slower and thus less excitement compared to Tumbling Blocks. Reese even picked up a book and read while waiting for his turn! We did finish the game at the end. 

We played another round of Tumbling Blocks at night before Reese went to bed. Now we have a new routine of playing games! 

Reese is getting busier. We have biking sessions around the car park once or twice a week, morning exercise at Kiara Park once a week,  gymnastic class every Saturday morning and now games sessions probably 2 to 3 times a week. 

Reese has stopped going to his kindy and I have made adjustment to my work. Now I have more time to spend with Reese and do our schooling at home. I plan to have more frequent field trips, arts and craft and science experiments. Our schooling will be more fun and no rushing to complete our work within a time frame. 

Everything is beginning to fall in place and I have become a more hardworking homeschooling mother! :)


prince n princess mum said...

Enjoying games now?

A gift from God said...

prince n princess mum,

Yes... he is enjoying the games we introduce to him! He is even playing with this friend!

Linda said...

Yes.. you can do it!! Ganbatte... :)