Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Math... Yawn....

When I first started math with Reese last year, he was very excited and enjoyed doing it. Then when addition was introduced and as it gets harder, my son begins to dislike it. He doesn't like repetition. Could it be too hard for him? Nope. He has no problem doing them. He just doesn't like doing the sums (addition or subtraction). He is fine with other areas of Math.  

Whenever he has to do math, he will whine a little or protest. Lately, he will actually feel sleepy and YAWN! Seriously. Just want to record this so that he knows. :)

My son is very much a right brain child. Need to find more creative ways to teach him! 

** It is very important that a child knows his addition and subtraction facts well. It makes doing sums easy and minimize counting up or down for the child. Reese hates doing these sums simply because he doesn't know his facts well enough and he has to do a lot of counting up or down. He hates repetition so that makes it even worse. 

We have started to work on some Singapore Math and gosh, it is truly challenging even for me initially. My boy seems to enjoy it. If you go to a bookstore, check out some of the challenging math books from Singapore. I think for some of you, your eyeballs might just pop out! :)

Just give you an idea, here is some of the questions they expect a Standard 1 kid to answer.

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