Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finally made it to Logos Hope Ship!

2 weeks ago we went to Port Klang to visit the Logos Hope ship but the queue was way too long (The co-ordinator told us we needed to wait another 2 hours plus before going up the ship) and Reese urinated in his pants! I had to wash the entire pants and then spent 15+ minutes trying to dry his wet pants under the hand dryer! At the end, we left without going up the ship.

Today, we went to Klang for Bak Kut Teh and reach Port Klang around 12.30pm. The queue to the ship was long and around 1pm we managed to go in. Reese was happy and again, we got a few books and hubby was happy to get a few music CDs which were really cheap. Tomorrow the ship will be leaving Port Klang. We made it. Reese is one happy boy telling us how much he enjoyed the trip. :)

Books for his Geography lessons
After we came back, Reese sat down and drew Port Klang at night. 

Logos Ship in the middle with the very long pier that we had to walk to get to the ship on the right

Reese was totally excited about going on the ship 
Listening to the short presentation

I am captain!
Mummy, it is soooooo hot and I am sweating!

I am very happy mummy. I like the visit.
I told Reese when he finished his high school studies, mummy will give him a year (gap year) to explore the world before going to college. I told him he can apply to volunteer on the ship and sail round the world. He seems to like the idea. :) 


mNhL said...

Those books you get for Reese are so useful. I think I should buy some of these type of books for my kids instead of storybooks all the time!

A gift from God said...


There are many general knowledge books that are written specifically for young children and many are written in story form. Check out magic school bus. Great science books!

martha said...

your child is really talented in art! :) (saw you on Shannon's blog)