Monday, October 10, 2011

Box Day!!!

YES!! We got our books (exactly 1 week)! FedEx guy delivered 2 boxes (Roughly 34kgs). Took me a good 45 minutes to check through all 130+ books. I was so excited. Many great books for me and Reese to share for the next 2 years. 
Can't wait to look at his books!
Lots of books 
I think I am more excited than Reese with all the books!
A few years back a friend introduced Sonlight curriculum to me and instantly I was sold. I count myself really lucky to be able to homeschool Reese with full support from hubby. For the past 2 years as I homeschooled Reese, I came across many books from a few homeschool curriculum like AOP's Lifepac, ACE's books, Susan W. Bauer's books... they are all great curriculums but for us, Sonlight is what works best. 'Real' books is definitely more fun than text books! The selection of books by Sonlight are filled with illustrations, easy and straightforward text and yet very informative. Very kid friendly. 

Reading one of the books
Totally absorbed...
Mummy! Do you know....bla..bla..bla..
Reese's little library


Luke said...

Happy Box Day!

Looking forward to reading more about your adventures in the days and months to come [smile].


A gift from God said...

Thank Luke!

lydia said...

Lily here,Wow! I'm looking forward to my box from scholastics and parcels from book depository too. Very excited. I'm going to order sonlight in January or February. Can't wait! Good literature rocks!

A gift from God said...


Hope you have lots of fun too! I am already curling up on the sofa reading my son's books! :)

Is it going to be your first time ordering from Sonlight? Don't forget to use this code to get USD5 off your bill and I get some reward points too. :)

Code: FW20224256

Use it! :)

Melinda said...

so excited for Reese and you.

online ged said...

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A gift from God said...

Melinda, thanks!

Online ged, thanks.... just glad that I can pass on information that benefits others!

curiositykills said...

hi, im contemplating of getting the sonlight preschool set for my son. would like to ask how much does shipping cost?

is it still worthwhile to get from them? :) well seeing your reviews i think u would say yes =)

i asked because im thinking if i could save more by joining a GB or if i should purchase myself since i'd like to keep the receipt for tax :)

thanks, shia