Friday, October 14, 2011

Reese's song...

Once there was a tree
the tree was taller than a house
it was also taller than a building
the tree was so high
and a storm came
thunder and lightning
zigzag everywhere
and struck the tree
and after the storm
was over
the sun shone
on the tree
meanwhile a man came out
of a house
and the man came into the woods
and chop that tree
and the tree fell down
with a boom boom boom
and that was the end
of the story.

 By Reese Matthew Kam

Reese was playing on his own and humming away. Then I heard him making up a song with words... It was funny the way he sang the song. It was half rhyming and singing. Later I got him to repeat the song and wrote the lyrics out! :) Not bad eh?

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