Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Playmate: Update

Reese is enjoying his time with his playmate twice a week. He plays well with the girl. I was observing one of their play session it went like this:

Reese: Sarah! Let's go to war!
Sarah: Ok.
Both took their guns and 'helmets' and started running around the house.
Reese: Sarah, we need our tanks!
Sarah: Oh yeah. Let's go get it.
Each took a little rider and started moving around.
Reese: (Pick up the telephone) Mom? Hello mom, I am now in India. Going to war!
Mummy: Hello Reese, you are in India?
Reese: Yes, that's right. I am in India.
Mummy: Why India?
Reese: I want it to be India. Going to war with Sarah. See you and bye.

Reese: Mum, I need to put medication in my tank.
Mummy: Why?
Reese: Because I need to take medication after war.

Reese: Sarah, Look out! Enemies!
Sarah: Reese! Let's kill the enemies!
Reese: Ok, pshhooo, pshhooo.... there dead.
Sarah: Yeah, let's go over there.... more enemies!

Sarah: Ah... let's go home Reese.
Reese: Ok, let's go back to our home and rest.

Reese: (Calling me on his phone) Mum, we are home now. We have bunk beds!
Mummy: Oh... great. Have fun. Bye.
Reese: Yeah, bye but mum, you messed up our bunk beds!
Sarah: (Clearing the clothes on the sofa bed)
Reese: Sarah, nevermind... mum will clean up the mess!
Mummy: ????

I am so glad that he found someone that plays at his level and they talk a lot during their play.

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