Monday, October 03, 2011

More fun with nature and the microscope...

Today at 7.30am, we went to Kiara Park to exercise and collect stream water, leaves and mosses to view under our microscope. Reese kept asking whether the fungi we saw 2 weeks ago are still there on the stump or has new fungi taken over, whether we will see more types of mosses...bla...bla..bla...Reese also took along a small magnifying glass and was so happy searching for/looking at bugs, fungi and leaves. I find that now he is not afraid to walk on wet/tall grass. Less cautious with mother nature. That's good but this mummy is still not very comfortable! :)
Checking out mosses
Mom! I can see fungi!
See the little insects next to the fungus? I wonder what they are. They have some bright orange spots on them.
A type of fungi. Don't know the name! 
Looks like a worm right? Reese calls it a wormy fungus.
Pick up some mosses and pollen from some flowers to view under the microscope
After lunch, I prepared the slides for viewing. It was really interesting. Stream water was the best (MUST TRY). When we viewed it through the microscope, we saw little dots moving everywhere! and even one very strange looking squarish organism that looked like a waffle swimming around. Reese was fascinated. I wonder what those things are. Probably some insect larvae? Need to search the internet for more information. It was a good learning experience for both of us. Our toy microscope is so much fun. 


BabyBooned said...

reading this post makes me want to run out and go buy a toy microscope!

lots of stuff in the stream water eh...err no wonder it gets itchy sometimes playing in there. hehehe

A gift from God said...


You should. One of those toys that parents hardly think about. It's really worth the money. So much to see and explore...