Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art at 5 years old

 Lately Reese is into floods and 3D buildings. He is also learning (self learning) about the human body and it's functions. He has also started to 'invent' factories that produce things. Reese is kinda strange, he never likes to draw from looking at pictures or photos. He MUST draw from memory. He only draws spontaneously. Every piece of drawing is done in less than 15 minutes.

Below are some of the art work he did this month.

Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Tower surrounded by power plants, factories (he drew smoke - pollution) and buildings

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Christ The Redeemer Statue, A celebration. 

Florence, Italy - Aerial view of the Duamo and the surrounding buildings decorated with hanging light bulbs

Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur - Flood in Petaling Street. You can see the Twin towers and KL tower at the far left end

London, England - Tower bridge and Big Ben can be seen here.  Another celebration scene. 

New York City, USA - A huge wave sweeping into NYC.

Giant plants invading Russia. See how a building in the middle was partially destroyed by the giant plants?

London, England - Big chandeliers were used as part decoration of the city

Paris, France - You can see Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower and a french statue

Statue of Liberty drowning!
1 of 2 complete human being in Reese's drawing. Here it shows a boy Arnold sneezing with mucus flying out! :)

The other complete human drawing! From left, Reese, Daddy (Fungi for hair), Mummy (wearing incredible t-shirt) and maternal grandfather with (buildings for hair)

Human body and organs. Those smily faces you see on the right are white and red blood cells and platelets

Cake factory

Food factory - Eggs are cracked followed by dashes of pepper into cone shaped bowls, then droplets of soup go into the bowls. Next noodles are dispensed and you have a nice bowl of noodle soup.


MommyAngel said...

Thats really more than amazing! Is he now attending normal school our still home schooling? So proud of his work!

Linda said...

Can open an art gallery already.... Getting better and Sophisticated every time.

A gift from God said...


He is home schooled and I intend to do so all the way to high school. :)

Thanks Linda! We do have an art home that is....hehehehe

mommibee - sydney said...

Reese is such a genius! All the 6yo kids in my daughter's class can only draw stick figures. No one comes close to Reese's awesome artwork.

CL said...

his 3D building drawings are awesome .. he is into disaster drawing huh?? flood and plant invasion ..

I suppose you keep all his drawings ..

mNhL said...

He is such an artist! All his art works are so nice for a 5 y.o boy ! My boy loves to draw too....u may hop over to his link

U may consider to make a blog to keep all his drawings, or u already had?

A gift from God said...

Thank you! We are constantly WOW by our boy.

He is into disaster since young... lately he is into plant invasion inspired by The Incredibles comic books. :)
When he first drew buildings in 3D I was shocked.

We do keep some of his selected art work. Do not have a blog just for his art. Everything is here under the art category. :) Great you have a blog just showcasing your boy's art! I am still contemplating whether to do that or not.... :)

Mummy Moon said...

I have been folowing his art work. These all art you posted in this post is much more nicer and more into the detailing, amazing!

A gift from God said...

Mummy Moon,

Thanks! :)