Friday, October 07, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Yesterday went for the preview sale at BBW warehouse sale. The venue was huge. There were so many books that I just got tired browsing! It's crazy. They have a really big children section. Their selection of children books were quite ok. Mostly books for toddlers. They did not have books from Usborne or Scholastic except the Horribles series. There are some reference books from DK and a lot of books from Disney and some other publishers. So if you have toddlers, this is the sale you don't want to miss. Books are dirt cheap. We are talking RM5-10 for most books in this section except box sets with toys and stuff(did not look at price but my guess is it shouldn't be more than RM20). 

My loot

Those looking for cookbooks, lots of selection but I only got Jamie Oliver for RM24. Did not browse through the fiction and non fiction. I was too tired after spending nearly 3 hours at the kids section! They also have quite a selection of coffee table books. 

I got some comics, two Horrible series box set and it's annuals, Mr. Men and Little Miss books, a story book, some books for myself and a comic for hubby. My damage was RM500. 

So that is it! I will impose a self ban, no book purchases for 1 year! I bought too many books this year.  I have spent over RM7000 on books this year alone. Almost all on Reese's books. My two new 6 feet bookshelves will be full by next week when Reese's homeschool books arrive from US. It's a shame that I only have 1 child to enjoy all the great books else it will be more worth it. :)

I am most happy with the Horrible series


lydia said...

Hi, this is Lily, how long do you have to wait for the Sonlight shipping to come from US? How about the shipping from book and
I ordered books from scholastic Malaysia, and I have to wait around one month.

Linda said...

3 hours? Clap clap.... I got tired after 1 hour plus in a bookshop..... The more time we spend in a bookshop, the more books we bought.... Right? I m not a bookworm... But I just like to buy books.... Compare to buy clothing for myself...

A gift from God said...

Hi Lily,
My shipment from Songlight will usually take less than 10 days via FedX.

As for, it will usually take between 2-3 weeks. will take about 1 month I think. I can't remember.

Scholastic Malaysia sucks. I mean the delivery of books. ;)

There were too many books and once you start browsing, time flieslah!

LittleLamb said...

It will be good if you have good neighbors too n can share the books around ya... I mean learning is one way can open a mini library.

Ps: Happy Belated birthday to Reese too :)

A gift from God said...


Believe it or not, we do not know our neighbours well and they have no kids or they are all grown up.

Now I share my books with my students with one criteria that they take good care of the books because I want to keep them for my grandchildren...heheheec