Wednesday, November 02, 2011

First Lab Session at National Science Centre

Today we went for our first lab session at the National Science Centre. It was a fun experience. While waiting for the session to start, we mingled with some home schooled children at the resource centre. I managed to chit chat with a few mummies. I was really happy because we have finally found a homeschooling group to join. This group is multi racial and my boy will have the opportunity to learn about other races, their culture and differences. Can't wait to get to know these families better. I was quite surprised that some of these mummies actually read my blog! 

So back to our lab session. Today's topic was on Cold Fish and Water Quality. We learned about fish (body parts, behavior) and what kind of water condition is suitable for fish to live in. I must say older kids would enjoy the lab session more. Nonetheless, Reese had fun using different science apparatus, learning how to measure temperature, testing presence of certain chemicals in water and the process in doing so. He did some of the recording and calculation. It was really a great exposure for him. Being home schooled , having the opportunity to use a science lab and doing proper experiments is precious. 

Can't wait for the next session. :)

**From 19th-27th November, National Science Centre will be having a Robotic Festival. They have lined up many activities for children. You can check out their website for more information.

What we learned today.
Something new for Reese
We were given live fish to do our observation!
Taking a closer look at the fish
Mum, I am a little scientist!
Full concentration! Pouring the right amount of pond water for testing
Mum, this is really bad for fish to live in!

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