Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jim West Puppets' Dinosaur

2 weeks ago I bought tickets for Reese and I to watch Jim West Puppets' Dinosaur. This morning was the show and guess what? blur me thought the show was at 11am when in actual fact it was suppose to be at 10am. At 10am I looked at the tickets and got a shock to see the time of the show! So out we go at lightning speed (Poor in-laws had to walk/run super fast with us to the car!). On the way in the car Reese commented, "Was it me or what? Are we in a roller coaster ride?" :)

Then 5 minutes before we reached the place the box-office guy called to find out whether we are coming! We were already 25 minutes late. Bummer!

When we reached the entrance, it felt like a relay race because the box-office guy was standing at the side of the entrance with my tickets and membership card all ready and shoved it into my hands and wave us in! Hahaha... 

Well, lucky us, we only missed 10 minutes of the show because they started late. We had fun and it was much more enjoyable as compared to the previous two by Blunderbus (UK) that we saw. 

Learned a few things about dinosaur and puppet making from the show. Simple props but really hilarious. Just two guys doing the entire show. 

Later in the day, we went for the free puppet making workshop that came with the show. Reese did most of the work and he actually enjoyed the whole puppet making process. Maybe he is beginning to like craft!

Here are some pictures taken at the workshop:

Jim West the puppet master
Reese drew the design and cut part of his puppet
Jeremy the other puppet master
Full concentration. I rarely see him so engrossed in his craft. Well, maybe because I hardly do craft with him!
Kids and their puppets
Reese and the two puppet masters
His almost finished puppet. 
It was fun mummy!

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