Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Science and craft kits

A couple of days ago, I was browsing for educational toys to buy and came across a whole lot of science and craft kits. I have seen them before in most departmental stores but did not really look at them in detail. These science and craft kits are priced from RM25+ to RM49+ each. One particular brand stands out pretty well is 4M. They have a wide selection of science kits. From building simple robots to dinosaur excavation! I actually find them interesting. Is it worth the price? Well, for most of the kits,  yes! because all materials are provided with instructions. Hassle free.  These kits are for children 7 and above but I am sure some 5 to 6 year olds would love it too! If you have younger kids, go for their craft kits. A few years back I bought 1 and it was quite good. We made a dinosaur and Reese painted it.

Currently there is a promo for this brand where they bundle up 2 kits with a free gift and you save at least RM6 or more. Popular bookstore at IPC has quite a good selection and slightly cheaper than Toys R Us. :)

Some of the Science kits I saw at Popular Bookstore, IPC

  1. Smart Robot
  2. Tin Can Robot
  3. Eco Science Toys
  4. Clean Water Science
  5. Weather Station
  6. Potato Clock
  7. Brush Robot
  8. Soda Can Robug
  9. Windmill Generator
  10. Flying Science
  11. Magnet Science
  12. Night Sky Projection Kit
  13. Solar System
  14. Illusion Science
  15. Detective Science
  16. Spy Science
  17. Cosmic Jet Robot
  18. Cosmic Rocket
  19. Buzz Wire
  20. Kaleidoscope Making Kit
  21. Different types of Dinosaur Excavation Kits
  22. Volcano Making Kit 
  23. Kitchen Science

Science kits from this brand has over 90 different types! There are also a few other brands that offer similar science kits but selection wise is limited. 

I am going to get a few as Christmas presents for Reese. The plan is to do 1 to 2 of these kits a month and thus it is inexpensive. These kits are great educational tools. Hands on learning is one of the keys to fun learning and a better understanding of the subject matter. Highly recommended.

By the way, if you are tight on budget, go to 4M's website and download their instruction manual and get an idea how to perform some of the experiments! It's free. :) Here is the link: Instruction Manuals 

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