Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reese is getting more advance...

Just this morning, while changing, Reese said "Mummy, the rectus abdominis controls your stomach."  

Other things he said:

One of daddy's favorite band Audio Adrenaline... The daddy asked me whether I taught Reese about hormones! because Reese told his dad that adrenaline is a hormone after seeing the name of the band. :)

"Adrenaline is a hormone. It is produced from a gland, when you are scared." 

"Mom, do you know baby's bones are made of cartilage? It's soft." 

"Biceps and triceps controls your arm movement."

He talks about neurons and brain activities, he talks about light going into our eyes through the pupil and how it hits the retinas and signals are then send to the brain, he talks about how babies are made and etc...

Gosh, honestly all this knowledge he got was purely from reading books. I have only briefly gone through the human digestion process sometime ago. Not only can he remember the facts, he can also pronounce the scientific names. 

I am a little worried. He is only 5, will I be able to keep up with him in his studies as he grows older? Will he complete high school (secondary) before he turns 12? It is very possible. 

2 nights ago, I went for a meeting organized by National Association of Gifted Children Malaysia and had a chance to meet a former child prodigy who entered Oxford at 13. It was really sad that his life was pretty depressing. He was pretty much a loner. Everyone treated him differently at school. He talked about his struggles at university and how he can't take failure. He started working at age 16 and even in the corporate world, he was treated differently and employers expected much more from him just because he was gifted. Life was truly not easy for him. He is successful but not happy. He is currently married and pursuing his passion in photography. 

I don't want Reese to end up like him. I really have to sit down and think of how I want to give him a good education and a balanced social life. I want him to be happy. 

mmm... not easy having a gifted child. 


Ben and Shaun said...

Hi, I happen to come across your blog and you are a wonderful mother. It's amazing how gifted your child is, but don't worry too much. Commit him to God and trust that He will answer your heart's desires.

Linda said...

hmmmm.... it's not easy.... having a gifted child also cracked head... having a developmental delayed child also cracked head..... but most of all.. we just want them to be happy.... cheers..

BeeLing said...

I was doing research on waldorf education. Wonder if that will help to balance up.