Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random thoughts and sharing

He loves reading in the car. 
Today I took Reese and his playmate to the science centre. After having fun exploring and playing we went to the resource centre. Both the kids chose their own books and sat down to read. I was watching Reese. Watching his expression and the little smiles forming while he read was so satisfying. I can see that he thoroughly enjoyed what he was reading. I could hear soft giggles too. He was so handsome. Ah... I love my son so much! :)

On average we spend about 2 hours in the car everyday. To kill boredom I usually have 3-6 books in the car for Reese to read. Sometimes he will read to me or he will read quietly. I am just so glad that he loves books and seems to have a good balance between playing iPad/computer and reading. We used to restrict his playing time on the iPad but now it is no longer necessary. He is not addicted to it. Now, I allow him to play as long as he wants but usually after 10-20 minutes, he will stop and pick up a book to read, draw or just play with his toys. He gets bored with the games! :) 

My very cheeky boy.
Reese has been telling me about his future. It gets more elaborate and detail each time he talks about it.
He wants to get married a day after he becomes an adult! *LOL*
He still wants a wife named Alice and she has black hair and insisted his wife will work, earn money and take care of us! Hehehehe... He said he will build a modern apartment just opposite our current home. There will be 60 floors and he will live on the top floor. His modern apartment will have more pools than our current condo. He wants to have twins now. He wants to have his office in his modern apartment so that he can teach there. Reese still wants to be a teacher.  
A week back, Reese was helping me arrange 40 sets of books. Initially he was very excited and diligently work on them and arrange the books neatly. After completing 8x40 books, he declared he was 'totally exhausted' (his words). Then he said "But I only have energy to play, Mummy you finish the rest". 
Next few weeks are going to be busy for us. Lots of activities and outings for Reese enjoy and socialize. We are going for 2 workshops on Robotics organized by PSN, watching Jim West's puppet show and puppet making workshop next week, a day trip to the elephant sanctuary and park and a visit to FRIM with a friend and her twins. Ever since Reese stopped going to school, he actually has more social life than before! :)

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