Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Robotic Festival at PSN

I am so excited!
 We went to the Robotic Festival at National Science Centre (PSN) this morning. First stop was to the resource centre to borrow our books (First time). Reese borrowed books mainly on human anatomy. Next we went to the second floor for the Robotic Festival (Free). It was fun with lots of hands on activities for children. These activities are mostly for children above 6. 

Do bring your children there. It is from 19th - 27th November.

Entrance to PSN: Adult - RM3 and Children above 6 - RM1.

Books from the resource centre. Each member can borrow 3 books for 3 weeks.
He is cute mom. He can talk and move!
Do you see me?
First station. Robo Clay. Each child get to choose a robot templet and decorate it with clay (not sure what kind of clay)
Mummy did most of the work!
Second station. Build a robot from cardboard paper. 
Our paper robot. Reese named him Bob.

Fun with Ollo. We are suppose to build a robot dog. Reese checking out the manual.
This is the set with everything we need to build the robot.
The finished product. A robot dog. Not easy. Definitely for children older than 8 years old. There were about 15 participants with their mummies. At the end, all the mummies were the ones assembling it. Some decided to abandon it after a few attempts and by the time I left, everyone was still hard at work. I was the first to finish! Not bad eh? 

Our little robot. Too bad, we don't get to keep it! Hehehe... it's not cheap. They are selling it there for RM125.

Reese played with the robot dog.
Last station. Reese made a sponge moving robot. 
He came home with all these. :)

Our paper robot and sponge robot in action!

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