Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Short Penang Trip!

Reese was really happy to visit his grandparents. It was raining a lot and we didn't do much. We took Reese to The Blue Mansion and we went for the tour of the mansion. Reese was a good boy and only towards the end of the tour that he became restless. We even saw the Penang CM! Reese has questions throughout the walking tour and we have to stop him from asking questions! The tour guide even appointed him her assistant and asked him to make sure no one took photographs in the mansion. My boy took it very seriously and kept telling me that he will make sure of it. So funny.

As for hubby and myself, we had some good food and did a little touring of the heritage site. 

On Sunday night we went to have dessert in a small shop and while waiting for our dessert, I casually read out a sign that said "No outside beverages allow. Thank you!". Then Reese asked what 'beverage' means. So we explained to him. Then he stare at the sign for a moment and commented, "Why there is no 'd' for 'allow'?" At first we were all puzzled by him and then we got it. It should be:


My son was correcting our grammar! Hahaha.... 4 adults and none of us realized the mistake!

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