Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale

I was not suppose to buy any more books for at least 1 year but I can't help it. BBW aftermath sale was just too tempting. So I went today. I managed get myself a preview pass for next year's BBW sale! I was no.83 out of 100. I managed to get 18 books for RM41.00. Most of the books I got were only RM2! I got myself a hard cover cook book for RM5. How not to buy? :)

The sale is still on. Go before it ends. It is on till 28th November.

Some nice readers and read aloud books for Reese.


Small Kucing said...

wow...very good choice. i went on 24th. too many people so i closed eyes and just grabbed LOL. Heard 2nd day the crowd is better. No nid to queue

MeRy said...

Good i wish I can go to those book sales.but I am so far away.

A gift from God said...

Small Kucing,
I went on the second day. No queue. :)

Perhaps next year? :)