Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Type chatting with his aunt...

Last night I was chatting with my sister on Facebook and my baby wants to say hello to his aunt. At first he started by saying hello and ended up chatting with her for more than 40 minutes. He did all the typing himself and occasionally asked me to help him spell a word or two. It's my son's first time chatting with someone over the internet. Oh boy, he really enjoyed it and wanted to continue chatting. It was hilarious watching his reaction every time he tried to be funny/cheeky with his aunt! Typing for him was not easy but he did quite well using both his hands.

Their conversation:

Jillian: This is Reese or Florence typing?
Reese: You are typing.
Jillian: hmmmm this must be reese boy. reese is naughty boy or good boy?
Reese: yes! i am a good boy.
Jillian: i heard from gong gong reese is naughty
Reese: yes it's true!
Jillian: and your mummy say you are making noise and dont want to sleep. is it true?
Reese: no it's not true.
Jillian: are you going to help gong gong decorate the christmas tree? or yee yee decorate the tree first?
Reese: i want to decorate your tree!
Jillian: ok then i ask gong gong wait for you ok?
Reese: yes!
Jillian: so what does reese want for your christmas present?
Reese: psn
Jillian: what is psn?
Reese: it's a type of cake.
Jillian: ahhhhh, where can yee yee get that cake?
Reese: from the hj farm.
Jillian: and where is HA?
Reese: in brazil.
Jillian: wow... its too far, do you know how yee yee can go to brazil?
Reese: no!
Jillian: hmmm then yee yee cannot buy you the psn cake, so you need to pick another gift for christmas
Reese: no i want it!
Jillian: but you will have to teach yee yee how to go to brazil, else how can yee yee buy the psn cake for you?
Reese: ok!
Jillian: so reese find out how yee yee can go to brazil then you let yee yee know ok? i think its time for reese to go to bed
Reese: first go by boat. ok?
Jillian: ok after travelling by boat then what?
Reese: go to the town. trrrr!
Jillian: what is the name of the town?
Reese: type faster! qwertrr.
Jillian: what is qwertrr? u must be polite when asking question, understand?
Reese: the name of the town.
Jillian: ok, after travelling by boat to qwertrr town then how do i go from there?
Reese: you go back by boat.

---- and it went on for another 10 minutes!


BabyBooned said...

Errr ok..what is a psn cake?? Lol!

A gift from God said...


As far as I know, PSN means Pusat Science Negara! :)

BabyBooned said...

Yes thats what i thot so too!! Hahahahahaa reese is a funny fella!