Thursday, November 10, 2011

Planetarium Negara

Finally took a trip to the planetarium with Reese yesterday morning. Very crowed with school children from kindy to secondary schools. It was nothing great. The exhibits were old. We went up to the viewing tower to have a view of the KL city. Then went for a show (Dawn of the Space Age) at the space theater. I felt so irritated by the secondary school kids!! Shouting and talking loudly throughout the show, I guessed the teachers were somewhere else! Gggrrrr.... 

Reese's favorite activity there was the anti gravity room. Once inside, you just find it super hard to balance and Reese had a blast running around and going through the slide. 

The main gallery

Sleeping area in the space shuttle

This is my bed!
Viewing gallery with binoculars

ohhh... I can see KLCC!

Mummy, why can't I balance! (Anti gravity room)
PSN is still a lot better and more fun. :)

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