Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's your name?

Everywhere we go and whenever you ask my son his name.... he will tell you that he is Mr. Fredericsen. He will correct you if you call him Reese! He loves the old man from 'UP'. Why? I have no idea. He is just obsessed with it. Everyday he will take his house with balloons everywhere. Including going out for meals! He will draw nothing but balloons and Mr. Fredericsen's house. He will watch 'UP' on the Ipod and go to his favourite scenes repeatedly.

He does funny antics related to the movie 'UP'. He would talk alot about 'UP'. Daddy is sometimes Charles or Russell and mummy is Ellie. He loves to imitate things Mr. Fredericson did in the movie and it's funny watching him repeat line after line of what the old man said in the movie with complete facial expression.

When we built blocks/Lego... it must be Mr. Fredericson's house. Even the doll house is not spared! He remove all the furniture in the doll house to reenact the scene where the old man removed all his furniture in his house to enable the balloons to carry the house!

Even at school he will call himself Mr. Fredericsen. Everyone at school knows that. A child even asked me why is he calling himself Mr. Fredericsen? Oh well, at least he is not obsessed with Ultraman! I think I will faint then. Haha...

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