Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Started with some house chores (hubby wanted me to do nothing! but I can't bear to see him do all the house work... :)) and then 'tim sum' with my family.

Spent the afternoon lazing around, ironed a few pants for hubby, surfed the net, played with Reese and made some papaya/green tea drink for me and hubby!

Cooked pasta for dinner and everyone enjoyed it. All of us went into Reese's playroom and spent the rest of the evening there. Hubby played a game on Ipod, I played with Reese, did some drawings and later Lego building. Hubby ended joining us.

That was my Mother's Day. Simple and quiet. I am happy. :)


Leona said...

It is the simple things in life that makes us most happy, right???

Cheers to you, Mummy!

A gift from God said...


Sometimes I find chasing after so many things and wanting a so call better life is exhausting!

Simple is better. Just got to be contented. :)