Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time for Work Sheets!

About a week ago, Reese's teacher told me that it was time that they be more firm with him in regards to joining group time and learning time in the class. For the past 4 months or so, Reese only joined these activities when he wanted to. The teachers allowed him to do so. So all he did was play and read and occasionally join in the activities (I am fine with it actually.. hehe).

So last Thursday they started to 'gently' force him to join group time. He cried and I was told since 2 days ago that now he is getting better and they can actually negotiate with him! Last night when I sent him to school, the moment I left him there the teacher called saying Reese was crying non-stop asking to go home! Wow! Never happened before but it stopped after five minutes. Mmmm.... must be all the changes lately. I hope he will get over this phase soon. It hurts to see him unhappy and cry.

Another area that the teachers want to work with him is learning time. The teachers at school will spend some individual time with each child when it comes to learning more academic stuff. Reese has been incorporative. Since last week, everyday after lunch at home I will spent 15 to 20 minutes with him doing worksheets. Explaining to him that he has to learn to do work with his teachers at school because he is a big boy! At first I thought I am going to fail getting him to do the worksheets but he surprised me by showing an interest in them! (Tried this several times over the months and failed) Now everyday we will spent 15 to 20 minutes doing literacy and math.

Every worksheet that I introduced to him, he is able to do without difficulty. He loves to do matching and circling exercises and dislike colouring. On average we do about 7 worksheets each session. When we do math, at his age it involves counting things and I realized that he can count things mentally without having to use his fingers up to about 4 and sometimes 5 items.

At school I was shown worksheets that he will be doing like for literacy. He needs to learn alphabets and their sounds and I had to tell the teacher that he already knew both upper and lower cases as well as the sound but I guess he still needs to go through the motion. In terms of learning academic stuff, Reese is really way ahead of his peers. For literacy he is actually doing Grade 1 materials except that he can't write. Math I am not so such but looking at the worksheets that he is doing with me at home, it seems easy for him except that he haven't been taught the number words and of course he can't write yet.

His grip of the pencil is almost 95% right. He has begin to write numbers. So hopefully he will also do alphabets. Reese is getting there. By the way, all without much forcing. I am not the crazy parent that makes an almost 4 year old to learn and learn and learn and no play. :) 99% of Reese's learning is through play and reading. He has always been an easy child to teach.

What about your kids? What challenges do you face when it comes to teaching?

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