Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Morning Sweetheart....

Reese: Good Morning Sweetheart...... (spoke in a deliberately slow manner)
Mummy: *Shiok* Good morning sweetheart.... eerr... Reese are you saying that to mummy?
Reese: No! talking to balloons!
Mummy: *Disappointed* Mummy is sad now...
Reese: Good Morning Sweetheart (Looking at me now)
Mummy: Now you are talking to me?
Reese: Yes!
Reese: Good morning sweetheart.... (looking at the balloons again and grinning away..)
Mummy: *sigh*

That is my dear son. :) Have a good weekend everyone!


Irene said...

Sooooo sweeettt!!

A gift from God said...


Thank you but still not quite satisfied...hahaha