Monday, May 10, 2010

Life Skills

It's never too young to teach a child life skills. I grew up in a family where independence were taught very early in life. We do not have the luxury of a maid doing things for us and financially we were not able to have many luxuries. It is a blessing for me.

Living in a plural income society means less time for parents to spend with their kids. Having a maid seems to be a norm and to be without one is like nearly impossible. I had a maid for 3 years before she ran away last November. When we had a maid, everything will be done for Reese. Anything he needs, ask kakak to prepare. Pampered to the max!

Now 6 months down the road.... Reese is learning to be more independent. He is taught how to set the table before each meal. He has learned to keep his toys properly, helping out with simple chores (suitable for his age) and I believe if the maid is still around, he won't be doing any of the stuff I just mentioned. As he grows, I want to instill more positive values and life skills to prepare him for the real world!


BabyBooned said...

bravo bravo reese!

i definitely think raising our kids to help with housechores and learn to be more independent is an awesome thing to do for them. it'll help em a lot in the future. like my hubs, his mom raised him to help in the kitchen and around the house. and till now, he's a very capable helper! ;)

A gift from God said...


Lucky you! I have always wanted a hubby that can cook...but wish did not come true.... hahaha...