Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Simpler Life....

Just the other day as I was watching the animated cartoon 'UP' with Reese, I was moved by scenes in the cartoon showing Carl(The old man) and Ellie got married, built their life together, lost a baby, moved on and enjoyed the little things in life, a simple life and they were happy. That got me thinking... simple is good. I thought back to my younger days when having a car is like a dream! Just being with my husband riding on his 'kap jai' (motorbike) and enjoying a very simple life felt so good. We didn't have much money then but we were happy and quite contented.

Looking at what we have now, we thank God for everything but it's no longer a simple life. We are blinded by material things and we want the best of everything that we can afford. We are constantly worry whether financially we are secure. There are many commitments financially. We are never contented with what we have now. In order to maintain our current lifestyle, we work harder though I am fortunate that my work allows me alot of time to be with Reese and at the same time making very good money.

Sometimes I felt so tired. All the commitments, constantly going after better things and etc... Once I asked a friend who is with her hubby in South Africa doing mission work how's life (they gave up their jobs and left) and she said it's good. Life is simpler and she smiled. I have been observing people around me and even strangers on how they live their life. The very rich sure is enjoying life but it's way too complicated and the average family just as happy but less complicated and easily contented. I want to be like Carl and Ellie in the cartoon 'UP'. I want to be happy and less materialistic. It's easy to say but hard to change and do it. I guess I am sucked too deep into this complicated world.

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