Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drawing and Colouring

I drew the picture and coloured the house and maybe a dozen of the balloons. Reese did the rest. He will colour 5 to 6 balloons a day and finally last weekend he completed all of them. He also added some additional balloons and fireworks (dots and lines you see around the house)

Watching a cartoon and drawing some 'excitement' from the cartoon this morning. He was babbling about a little girl doing something exciting. Not quite sure what was it.... was too busy writing this post. :)

Yesterday I drew another house on his request. This time he took charge of the art direction! He told me how he wanted the house and then he did the rest. He drew the strings and balloons and added curtains and a flag and some additional parts to the house. He did the colouring as well. Have yet to complete it but I am just so proud of him. He sure can colour well... no white spaces and almost never colour out of line. (I did not even teach all these things!) :)

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