Tuesday, May 04, 2010

First Art Project

My son was never an arts and crafts person. So after a few attempts, I gave up!

Today we did our first art project with me doing the planning, hubby helped out with the cutting and supervising Reese with the pasting. Reese did 90% of pasting. It was amazing. We were all satisfied with the end result. The only reason he was willing to do this was because of his love with the UP cartoon.

He loves Mr. Fredrickson and Russell but most of all the balloons that carried the house. For the past two months or so, he has been imagining balloons carrying Mr. Fredrickson's house all over the place. Recently, he uses one of the toy rescue station as Mr. Fredrickson's house and for the balloons, he uses pegs and some deflated balloons!! He will go around the house pretending the balloons (pegs) are taking the house (rescue station) high up in the sky.

His pretend Mr. Fredrickson's house

So after dinner at about 8.30pm today, I decided to do an art project with Reese. From planning to completing the balloons and replace the pegs with them, it took about one and half hour.

Daddy supervising the pasting

The balloons that was completed with the drawing I did this morning

Quite similar right?

Replacing the pegs with the balloons

Reese enjoying his new balloons on Mr. Fredrickson's house!

Mission accomplished.
Next post will talk about his colouring skill.

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Irene said...

wow! your art and craft skills is so great! i wouldn't be able to plan or do anything like that, let alone crank up the idea. love your pics!