Sunday, May 16, 2010

Einstein the Doodle Master in the Making....

Hard at work!

The last few weeks saw Reese's sudden interest in colouring and improvement in his pencil holding and also watching Einstein the Doodle Master on TVIQ had led him to start doodling on paper and now on the easel. Finally he produced his first master piece yesterday. He did a drawing of Mr. Frederickson's house with a roof and strings (for the balloons).

Yesterday most of his play time was spend doodling and colouring. My dear son has discovered a new activity! Yippie!

Check out some of his master pieces.

First master piece. Looks a little like Van Gogh's art right?
It's Mr. Frederickson's house with a chimney and lots of strings.


Leona said...

Very very nice, Reese!

Linda said...

It's been a while to hear updates from you and Reese... That's a great drawing!

A gift from God said...

Thank you mummies!
Linda, I was busy, not very well and also lazy. :) But now I am back! :)