Tuesday, May 04, 2010

At 43 Months Old

It's been a while since I last update. Reese has been growing well.


He has been having pockets of problems at school. Mostly related to his tantrums when he doesn't get his ways or not following instructions. After a month of reminder, threats, rewards and lots of love, he was mostly good the past 2 weeks coming to 3 weeks now. :)

His teacher told me that he only learns when he wants to. He doesn't like sitting with the teacher and literarily learn! He just loves to play with whatever that he fancies. His teacher told me that he has a fantastic memory and when they thought he was busy playing and not listening to the lesson, he would later go to the teacher and questioned them about the lesson! :)

His memory is really something to shout about! Not being proud here. It's true. :)

He is also singing more in tune and picking up more Hokkien, Bahasa, Cantonese and Mandarin.


I used to say that he doesn't play creatively. Well, I am so wrong. His imagination and creativity are fantastic. He likes to pretend to be different characters from his favourite cartoons and he will make props out of whatever he can get his hands on! Then he will role play with me or whoever that is around. We are constantly surprised by him.

Physical Skills

He is still very active. He can hop very well, shake his hips, climbs obstacles, kicks and the latest, we are teaching him how to do roller blading! No joke! :)

Emotional Skills

He is learning to control his tantrums and whining. He will feel sad or panic when mummy or daddy is hurt. Learning to share things with others. He always says 'I am so sorry' when he does something wrong or when he accidentally hurt someone. He has more control over his emotion now.


He is a very friendly boy. Everywhere we go, if there are children around, he will go play with them. He is not the shy type!
Reese has always been considered a good boy in the sense that we do not have to use the cane. He is controllable. He is always cheerful and happy. Only when you upset him will he get really mad and then the tantrums!
He can be a very cheeky boy too!

Food Intake

Good eater and less fussy. I am controlling his food intake and don't want him to be overweight. From baby till now, doctors claimed that he is overweight. He may not look overweight but he is damn heavy! Very very solid. He is about 21kgs.

Can't think of what else to update... :)

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